Tammy Sleet, Wimborne Festival

Smartpoint handles the acquisition and allocation of equipment at large-scale outdoor events such as music festivals. It allows festival organisers to determine what assets they have available and if they need any additional resources.

The brief

The organisers of Wimborne Festival established that they needed a system that would allow several festival organisers to share a storage space and borrow equipment. Having previously used siso software at Bournemouth University, the organisers felt that smartpoint would be an effective way to manage their requirements.

client details

Industry: Festivals
Location: Bournemouth
Size: 500+ Users
Our solution

Whilst the festival organisers haven’t had a chance to put the system into practice, they recognise that they would not be able to easily offer this facility for festivals without siso because any other system would be too time consuming. Smartpoint also will help with the allocation of equipment at the festival (due to the lack of staff at the storage facility) therefore making this a much more efficient way to “book” things in and out remotely.




  • Asset Management of large scale events
  • Live, on-line, go any-where system
  • Bulk booking system