ROI - Honda UK

Honda wanted a more effective solution for their specialist fleet and SME retailer network to manage test drives with a real time system.

the brief

More than 70% of people want a test drive with a vehicle prior to purchase.


Honda have historically used a logistics company to hold stock, hundreds of cars at a single point in the UK which would then be delivered to companies employees who wanted a test drive.


This operation was inefficient and was significant cost to the organisation.  A new system had to transform the way the operation worked and lower the cost base.

client details

Industry: Automotive

Location: UK wide

Size: 500+ Users


our solution

Smartconnect allows business customers to choose where they could take their test drives and for Honda to manage their fleet more effectively.

The new Smartconnect system allowed the fleet of vehicles to be in the managed in the retailer network. Retailers were able to deliver the cars and offer a higher level of knowledge about the vehicle to the customer and achieve a higher sales conversion.


There was a major reduction in the cost to deliver each test drive, yielding more than £100k per annum which was combined with greater visibility to Honda UK of the overall UK fleet demand.


Honda says:


“The siso team had to work closely with us and our support agency ROI and against a very tight deadline for delivery. The system was  significantly customised for our issues but the siso team took everything in their stride – delivering to time and budget".




  • Massive cost and time reduction benefits

  • Fleet management and scheduling of test drives made easy

  • Go anywhere, web-based system