Infiniti Europe

Creating a digital test drive booking platform that can be used in any retail environment in real time, with automated ID verification and driving license checks.

the brief

Infiniti Europe wanted a test drive booking system that could live up to their brand values of exceptional quality of service and best use of technology. 

They needed the system to be real time and to be able to service different retail environments: Franchise Retailer, Shopping centre locations, Pop Up events and Contact Centre.

client details

Industry: Automotive Retail

Location: London

Size: 1,000+ Users


our solution

Our solution was to use our Smartconnect product, as it met all aspects of the brief and had been proven in various projects with other manufactures, such as: Audi UK, Fiat UK and Lexus GB. 

We were able to provide a platform within 4 weeks that was fully customised for Infinti Europe and implemented in UK environment for initial testing. Roll out to other European countries of Smartconnect had also been planned and the platform already converted to six other languages.




  • Real time booking

  • Multi language

  • ID verification

  • Multi channel