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How we support you

We are a small, approachable and flexible UK-based software company that uses a cloud-based SaaS model to deliver several specialist solutions in a selected set of industry sectors.

Our operating model is simple, and being small, agile and friendly allows us to deliver outstanding results for you, our customers.

‘Real’ customer-facing staff

We don’t believe in chat Bots, AI, complicated phone menu systems and waiting for an answer.

We provide swift responses and offer video chats or calls with our product specialists to ensure you get the best out of whatever of our services you choose.

Customer service and speed to answer your issues are vital measures we are proud of and why we retain our customers for years. Our team has over 30 years of working at the ‘frontline’ and can give you sound, practical implementation advice.

Fast, customised & constant product improvements

We always speak to our client base, asking opinions, getting feature suggestions, and quickly spotting hidden trends and needs.

We then quickly design, build and incorporate new software features much faster than our competitors.

In the last two years, we have issued four new versions of the software, an app, a revised API and new optional customer modules with more than 20 new key features.

What should you expect when you talk to us?

Understanding your needs

Our first conversations are about you. What are your current and future needs, objectives and timing requirements? We want to make sure that our product is right for you. If not, we will tell you, as it is not in our interest to do lots of support calls to make a ‘square peg fit a round hole’.

Supported onboarding

We understand that you will have limited time to devote to the project, so we have a proven methodology for getting benefits straight away. We will assist in the transition process, helping you with the data and liaising with your team to ensure you gain maximum benefits from your system.

No obligation, free product evaluation

We will set up a trial system using the latest software for you to evaluate if the system would be able to solve your issues. We will help set up your main configuration controls, train a key user and help you load a sample of your data to allow you to perform an accurate test.

Live Product training

Whilst we have product videos, help guides and a knowledge base to support you, each client’s situation is different, so we believe in giving you face-to-face, bespoke training for your crucial admin users. Training is typically done via group video sessions but can be at your premises.

Integration expertise

We recognise that our solution often needs to integrate into other existing client systems to maximise benefit. We have numerous examples of integration to timetabling, project management, finance, payment gateways and other systems to allow easy data flow between systems.

Ongoing friendly and responsive support

Our products are highly configurable and provide a vast range of features. Inevitably this means that customers cannot learn everything in a short time. Therefore, we allocate support time to you to help you solve issues quickly and provide advice to ensure you get the maximum benefit from using the system.

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Trusted by…

“We’ve used SiSo since 2008, it’s absolutely critical to business delivery for well in excess of 1000 students, and turns over 50,000+ bookings per year.”

Richard Mortimer
Richard Mortimer
Technical Services Manager, Staffordshire University