Meet the team

The siso team have a wealth of experience in everything from software development to hardware engineering, server implementation, graphic design and everything in-between.

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Bernie (along with his wife Rozi) is the founder and co-director of siso.

From an early age Bernie showed a natural interest and ability in mechanics, engineering and computer hardware. He has gained a wealth of experience working in the engineering and computer science industries.

Bernie started his business after spending time working as a lecturer at a local university, where he identified a need for an effective system to manage the allocation of assets to students and in response developed siso's legacy system. This has subsequently evolved into the suite of products that siso now offer.

Team Skills

We are proud that every aspect of our software is designed and developed here in the UK. The team at siso are highly skilled and are fully qualified in all aspects of data compliance and security.

All of our staff have in-depth knowledge and experience across all our services which includes:

Software engineering – Our head software engineer has over 15 years’ experience developing online business management tools, asset management software and online training software. Together with his experienced team, siso can work on and implement, fully tested updates to our system in record time.

Database management – The siso databasing and network management team has extensive experience and qualifications and are capable of sourcing, implementing and utilising the latest hardware and industry standards to make sure our service is both powerful and robust.

Web development – Our developers have an in-depth knowledge of innovation in current multi-media trends worldwide and have the skills to interpret, design and implement those innovations into the siso system.

Creative and Design skills – Our creative team have a wealth of experience in design, advertising and illustration and can create clear, user-friendly graphics for the siso systems and communications.

Customer relations – We pride ourselves on having a strong understanding of our customers’ needs, which includes having members of staff who have genuine experience of working with siso systems in a University environment. Our approach is wholly customer focused, with our client management team having years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the sectors our customers work within.

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"Siso has revolutionised our equipment library. I can easily find where the equipment is and which patient it is linked to. Everyone here pick it up quickly with out any fuss."

Dave Cornell, Equipment Library manager

Poole Hospital NHS Trust
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