If you are just starting out, making changes, or if you want to implement more of the great features of our systems, we can help.

Published: October 15th, 2018

One of the most important parts of our business is the human element. We pride ourselves on being a company where our customers have a direct input into how our software is shaped. We always endeavour for our systems to be flexible enough for you, our clients, to mould them to your way of working. We want to support you fully in implementing your system to your needs, whether that being at set up, a change in your work flow or utilisation of more of the great tools and services that are built into our systems.

That's why we offer a number of routes to get in touch, share and learn about our systems.

You can find a wealth of knowledge (as well as offering your own gems) within our Support pages. Here you will find our CMS (Customer Management System) - basically a repository (and probably the quickest way of getting resolution) of requests for under-the-hood system changes, suggestions and enquiries about system developments, server integration requests and other complex enquiries about your scenario.

Within the Support pages is our Q&A Forum. This is a shared space where clients and admins can share ideas and ask questions in a peer led forum environment. You can find or search for threads that have already been created on various topics to quickly find answers and solutions to issues, or find interesting ways of dealing with shared working practices. All our clients use our systems slightly differently and some may have a set of circumstances and workflows that could be really very useful to other institutions and companies. So don't keep it to yourselves, add some of your wisdom to the Forum!

The other part of the Support pages is our Help Centre. This is currently under development but is well on its way.

If you would like to sign up to the support pages, simply click on the Support button at the top right of any page on our website or click here to register.