New website, New branding!

Hope you like the new website and branding!

Published: June 27th, 2018

As you are here you will have seen the new website and branding for our systems. The separation of some of the legacy features of what is now smarthub into stand alone products came about as we developed the new user interfaces for the smarthub product, all apart from smartpermit which has been successfully running in NHS carparks for some time. The new logo's reflect the simpler and clearer user interface in the smarthub system and we hope that you will find that the logo's will be easily identifiable as we move forward.

We also hope you like the website, this is the central point for in formation on everything siso, with these pages giving you news on what we and our clients are getting up to (in a bit more of an expanded way than can be achieved on social media). Please let us know if there is any content you would like to highlight here, we'll be happy to add it in..

Also, (and actually more importantly) through the Customer Support Portal (the old CRM for those who know) there will be a much more of a rich environment as we move forward. More on that later, but for now you can use the portal for keeping track of your communications with us (especially useful if we are working on specific or bespoke projects with you) and to send us ideas on how we could improve our services.

If you haven't done already, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, we'll be updating these daily with news, information and the odd witty comment (or at least an attempt at it) .