Smarthub version 5.2.1 roleout

Following the successful implementation of 5.1 last year, we are now rolling out 5.2.1. The latest version has greater compatibility and advanced speech-to-book enabled accessibility.

Published: June 27th, 2018

5.2.1 is our biggest re-design to date

Following on from the update of the booking user interface (or BUI) which was first released with 5.0, the admin interface (or AUI) has now been completely re-designed to look cleaner, more modern. The new interface can successfully and seamlessly be used on Mobiles, Tablets and Desktop machines and yet all the usual features still remain and in most cases work in the same way as legacy versions.

Apart from the new look, the other great change is the menu. Whereas in legacy versions there were the main menu and sub menus, in the new version these have been replaced with a simple overlay and contextual search facility (as an admin simply type in keywords of the page you want to find and the system will highlight them). This will help navigate pages quicker and more efficiently, you can also flag favourite pages which appear as tabs, which make things even easier!

Advanced accessibility

To offer greater accessibility to all users of smarthub we have extended the BUI tools to support screen readers (NVDA) and other accessibility tools. We have tested the BUI following the guidelines of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Further information

For further information, to get release notes on 5.2.1 or to schedule an update, please get in touch with the team, email:, tel: 01202 777210 or log into the customer support portal.