Smarthub 5.3 Release!

The new version of smarthub has just been released - 5.3 with loads of updates, improvements and great new tools.

Published: September 4th, 2018

Smarthub 5.3 builds on the great success of the Booking User Interface ('Make Bookings' from the menu) that has been live since 5.1. Navigation has been cleaned up and new updates of useful tools such as the Scheduling Chart have been introduced:

To add to smarthub's powerful room utilisation system, in this version we have added more tools for managing and maintaining the workflow of your AV setup, as well as your space management as a whole. There is a room checklist to monitor static equipment and room maintenance, a measurements/units tool for tracking AV equipment, including lamp longevity. There is also now a tool for tracking room microphone frequencies.

Among the updates there is a new calendar picker that works with the keyboard in conjunction with WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility. There is an easier gantt chart style view option for quickly getting an overview of when Projects start and end. You can now print receipts and pick lists with receipt printers from the Store Desk. Plus there are many more other smaller improvements and additions.

One of the major additions to the update is the addition of the smarthub Help Centre for end users who use the Booking User Interface. These comprehensive help pages include everything a user of the system needs to book, complete risk assessments, subscribe to training events and more.

We hope that these new additions to the smarhub system will further streamline your booking procedures as well as help you manage all the technical resources in your institution.

Please let us know if you would like to see the full release notes or organise a time for the update (it only takes 30mins!).