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Platform & Modules

Smarthub has a comprehensive, class leading set of features within the core enterprise platform.


Pricing for the core platform is base upon the number and type of assets or equipment you want to manage. The price does not change based upon users of the system or administrators.

There are a small number of key factors that we review with you on an initial discovery meeting in how you may want to implement and configure the system and once these are established we can give a very clear set of cost parameters.

Core platform

Tools & Support

We want to make using Smarthub as easy as possible, and therefore offer ongoing support and tools to make sure you get the most out of it. 

Dedicated UK based Expert Support team

Asset uploader

  • Our custom built Simple to use tool that takes your existing spreadsheets or CSV files and allows you to import without the need for time consuming manipulation and cut and paste.
  • Uploads custom fields and images

Best practice audits

  • Our expert team review your operations based upon over 150 questions and site visit
  • Report delivered with benchmark and showing areas for improvement

Single Sign On

  • Authorisation using your own existing systems so no new passwords or users need to be created
  • Azure AD – ADFS – Shibboleth – SAML

Student Active directory

  • Enables automated permissions and access to equipment or rooms based upon a students course, year and even modules
  • LDAP


Siso have an API developed and our in house team can work with you and your supplier to ensure data can be either one way or bi-directional, push or pull methodologies.

We have established API integrations with the following functional areas:


Payment Gateways

Access, Locker


Project Management


Access, Locker


Project Management



With over 70 features, Smarthub offers you a comprehensive platform that assists you with all of your equipment and facilities booking needs.

Some Smarthub key features

Equipment booking

  • Our powerful online system works 24×7 from any location using either PC or app to find and book equipment or rooms


  • Smarthub can be used to integrate with existing timetabling systems so that bookings of equipment and spaces can easily synchronise with your existing timetables.


  • Smarthub allows COSHH assessment to record the hazards and risks from substances in a workplace.


  • Smarthub allows equipment or rooms to be assigned to technicians so that maintenance or other tasks can be notified automatically in real-time.
More Key Features


Smarthub is designed to connect to as many external technologies as possible, working with a wide variety of your devices. 

Scanners, label printers & tablets

You can create your own labels, badges, QR and bar codes within Smarthub and then print them locally with our connectivity to popular hardware. Scanners make asset management audits or stores more efficient.

Pat Testing

PAT testing information can be imported and stored against the asset/equipment within smarthub. Giving you a full picture of each piece of equipment in one place. Smarthub can notify you when each asset needs retesting.

Optional modules

Enterprise Room Booking

  • Allows students, academics or 3rd parties to see and book available rooms, labs or spaces
  • Cross charging is simple or external charging for hire of rooms
  • More effective use of resources in scheduling team
  • Massively reduced requirement and cost for screens, touch screens or other displays
  • Allows booking by anyone, anytime using easy intuitive Smarthub forms or Outlook
  • More accurate ways to search for the right room with the right equipment
  • Visibility & access of rooms based on smart business rules, preventing booking by the wrong personnel
  • Integration with existing timetabling systems to prevent double booking
  • More user friendly and efficient way for scheduling team to work
  • 2D Plans of rooms or departments showing instant availability
  • Instant ‘scan to book’ using QR code – If a room is free and you are there
  • Ability to see equipment within a room and its availability

PC & Virtual Machines

  • Ensures fairness of access to valuable IT resources
  • Delivers key information on utilisation of these expensive assets
  • Minimises spend and delivers it in the right locations, also ensures correct budget spend where real demand is, not just a department who says they need it
  • More cost effective than other competitor products as it is an ‘add on’ to your existing core smarthub system
  • Allows booking by anyone, anytime using easy intuitive app on phone, tablet or PC
  • Students already familiar with Smarthub for other equipment
  • More accurate ways to search for the right PC with the right software
  • Visibility & access of PC’s based on smart business rules, ensuring access fairness
  • 2D Plans of rooms or departments, showing individual PC’s within a room and availability
  • Instant ‘scan to book’ using QR code – If a room is free and you are there

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Allows all assets and equipment to be stored in one database
  • Additional module to the core system means cost is reduced compared to competitors
  • Notifications and scheduling to ensure audits and checking is done at the right time and frequency
  • Live management data and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI showing trends, issues and analytics
  • Notifications built into to system that can be attached to individual assets, groups or depts.
  • Asset depreciation, cost, warranty and replacement dates
  • Asset status, calibration and repair schedules
  • maintenance teams can use their own phone and app for most tasks
  • 2D Plans of rooms or departments showing equipment within a room and current status
  • Rapid asset auditing features

Business Intelligence

  • Easy to identify patterns and trends with visual charts
  • Allocate costs to equipment and room usage to measure relative course costs
  • Easily Identify redundant or low/high utilisation assets or rooms
  • Live dashboards and ability to query information easily
  • Templated reports and charts giving instant access to key information: Bookings, Cancellations, Assets
  • Allows views by anyone, anytime using based upon user levels
  • Drill up/down on date range to show years, months, semesters, days
  • Numerous filtering tools to show who has booked
  • Minimal training requirements
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Trusted by…

Smarthub saves us a lot of time. students can book equipment and rooms remotely. I think the app implementation will be a big, big thing for us going forward speed of customer service – issues and stuff that we have are addressed and fixed very, very quickly.

Currently we use Smarthub at the school of Arts and creative industries, But we’re just about to branch out to work with our engineering departments who be using Smart Hub for asset management.”

Damian Looney
Damian Looney
Senior technician, London Southbank University