Bournemouth University

Keith Heyward - Support Group Manager, Bournemouth University

Siso have been an excellent Company to work with, providing excellent no quibble support for the product. I would recommend giving this product serious consideration if looking for a web based resource management solution. The Media Support Group was tasked to source a web based product to provide an asset management solution that incorporated resource allocation, resource booking, resource tracking and maintenance scheduling. There did not appear to be products readily available that coped with the scheduling complexities of media resources. Full web access for user registration and bookings, fully automated email notifications for loan requests, penalty notifications and tutor countersignature audit trail. Simple and logical solutions (from an end user perspective) have sped up processes and procedures, the combination of tagged equipment, barcode swipe cards and intuitive software interfaces has greatly improved administration efficiency. Siso as a system is a product that is flexible, lightweight on the network, reliable, and has excellent application potential for a multitude of time based situations with associated implications and limitations.