Curtin University - Perth Australia

Paul Indaimo - Curtin University - Perth Australia

For anyone who needs a system for element tracking and booking resources in a University environment, without hesitation, I recommend Bernie and His Team. Being the Manager of the Support Department for the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, where courses are run in Film And Television and Journalism, deciding to go for an on-line booking system for both equipment and rooms, was not as easy as it looked. There is not an awful lot out there that meets the needs of a University. I was introduced to Bernie and the siso team, and slowly but surely, light started to appear at the end of the tunnel. Bernie and his Team quickly demonstrated that they understood University environments and were all about working together to arrive at the end goal. Never once have I been made to feel that being 15000km away, we are out of sight or out of mind. The siso team have never let me doubt for once, that they care about our relationship, which feels more like a partnership, in developing a system together, that works for everyone.