Northumbria University

Simon Gregory - TRC Technician, Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences, Northumbria University

We have recently moved our entire system over to siso and all I can say is it was the right move. We looked to siso as it offered the integration of both bookings and risk assessments. We started using the risk assessment side of the system in February this year and the students and staff found it very easy to use and understand. Over the summer we transitioned our equipment over from our previous system and went live with the bookings at the beginning of September. All the comments from students and staff have been very positive and the majority have been able to use the system with very little training. At first it seemed like a very daunting task to transfer the thousands of pieces of equipment we have from the old system but this was a very simple process with all equipment entered onto a spread sheet and uploaded in one go. We've been able to link siso into our university systems so all our users have been pulled into siso automatically so no need to make people register. Our technicians are finding the auto training feature for equipment very useful as it has meant that they have been able to free up their time that would normally be taken up with inductions. Being able to use a digital signature tablet has virtually removed any need to print booking forms reducing the paperwork. Having the system linked to the university systems also means we are in the process of setting it up so we can use the RFID chips in the student/staff smartcards to access bookings and bring up student details. Having various notification options built in has removed the need to manually email students saving a vast amount of time. The look and feel is also a massive improvement over the old system we had in my opinion. I must also say that the support from the guys at siso is first rate. Any problems, questions or issues are dealt with very quickly and they are very open to suggestions for improvements. As the system works so well we now have one of our other faculties using the system too. I've found siso to be a fantastic well thought out piece of software that is miles ahead of anything else on the market. I highly recommend it.