Oxford University Hospitals

Eileen Palayiwa - Oxford University Hospitals

Siso Equipment library and training software system. Oxford University Hospitals employ over 10,000 staff and have four hospital sites. It is therefore important to have a centralised system for recording medical device training which is also linked to the electronic staff record so that records relate to existing staff. We chose the siso system for this purpose as it is very easy to use and can generate the reports we require at the touch of a button. We have worked closely with siso to tailor the system to produce the data we will require to demonstrate NHSLA compliance and we have found their team extremely responsive and keen to help us to achieve what we require from it. They are continually developing and improving the software in line with suggestions from customers and, unlike many other companies, changes are made within a short time frame, smaller changes are often made while we are talking to them over the phone! We also use this system to administer our equipment libraries and have found that with siso this becomes much simpler and more efficient. Administering loans can be done using a barcode reader and the status of loans can be seen very easily. We have found it extremely user-friendly, requiring only a minimum of training. In short, I have no regrets about having chosen the siso system and believe that it will be invaluable in helping our Trust achieve its targets for medical device training and in administering its equipment libraries.