Cardiff University

Christian Yeo - Technical Supervisor, Technical Office, School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies

Siso is a complete package deal for the price - support, updates, licensing, hosting (with the option for on-premise) and no hidden extras. In all my years in IT, I've never experienced such pleasant, speedy and transparent comms and support as with Bernie and Steve. It packs so much power and configurability, doesn't take long to get used to and our students like it just fine! In our case, siso has allowed us to rework a number of our processes, bringing them up to code - PAT testing, inventory management, equipment life-cycle management, risk-assessments and repair management. In addition to this, it's allowed us to roll out a long-requested service; digital booking of academic staff by students for 1on1 tutoring (we were using bits of A4 on doors before now). We've also started using siso for managing our print cartridge stock and are looking to begin using it to track payments for other consumables that we sell (finance approval pending) - DVDs, DV tapes, etc. All of this is in addition to our main usage of siso - equipment bookings. Being able to use a digital signature tablet has virtually removed any need to print booking forms reducing the paperwork. I can't recommend it more.