Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Isaac Spedding - Media Technician - End of Year Student Feedback, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Do you feel the new rental system effected your learning this year?" A lot easier to see when things were free and out. A lot less worry that someone will take your booking. Great - made checking out infinitely easier - SO much better than paper system that no one did properly before, and definitely will have lost a lot less stuff. Siso helped my learning because it meant I could see everything that was on offer for us at school and I had the ability to rent out whatever I wanted. It also meant that if stuff went missing or got broken you could find out who did it before you from talking to Isaac. It's good because it requires students to organise stuff and makes its really easy to book out gear. I feel the rental system was a good experience and made the booking of gear smooth and easy. It was also good to have the videos before booking gear to confirm that we were ready to use the items. The siso booking system was a well implemented process which was quite efficient and had a positive effect on my learning. No I thought it was quick and effective. Good, having more organisation and confidence in a booking means that you can focus on other details in a shoot. It allowed us a lot of freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it definitely effected my learning for the better. Siso was very easy to use and accessible from home which was great. Good - made getting gear efficient, and learning to deal with problems when gear has been taken by other students etc... HECK YES! it made it easy to book stuff online then quickly scan it out. In a way it was like a checklist booking system too. Very helpful during the year, couldn't even imagine renting out the gear the way they had to last year. Booking out studios/edit booths was especially handy and probably prevented a few fistfights The booking system was really useful this year. It was a fast and effective way to book gear and see if it was avaliable in advance. Yes I felt it was a much better system than previously and made getting equipment easier and more efficient, was very helpful when needing to film for our assignments.