about us

Established in the UK over 20 years ago, Siso provides cloud-based software solutions to our international clients that need to book, maintain, manage assets & resources anywhere in the world, at any time. Our range of products solves specific complex needs in the Higher education, media, automotive and healthcare sectors.


our values

We are a UK-based, solution-focused software company, with many of our personnel who have worked initially in our chosen specialist sectors. This means that:

  • Our solutions are designed in consultation with customers and our staff who have experienced the issues ‘one the ground’, creating robust, flexible solutions

  • Customer issues are resolved swiftly by ‘product experts’, each recruited with over ten years of existing sector experience

  • We speak to our client base frequently, seeing trends and needs quickly. Designing and incorporating new software features faster than our competitors


Wanting clients to have an informed decision and time to test.

post sales service

Providing super responsive

post-sales support.

making it easy

To interact with our clients, UK based development and support teams.

These values have led to the creation of bespoke resource management products that answer key sector issues.

We adopted cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model when starting the company, recognising that it would deliver client key benefits, not previously possible:

  • Looking to always improve product features

  • Rapid implementation

  • No high upfront development costs


simple pricing

Our pricing is based upon a transparent and flexible SaaS model.

knowledge hub

Comprehensive and in-depth knowledge hub available to all customers.


Our UK based support team are experts on the system and solve issues rapidly.


Group or one-to-one training available, onsite or via a webinar.

free trial

We will set up a trial system using your real data for you to evaluate and test.

customer onboarding

Our assistance will simplify the transition process and ensure you gain the maximum benefits from your system.