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Regulatory Details

Siso Software Ltd
Company Registered No: 05994955
Place of Registation: England
VAT No: GB885768548

Call: 01202 777 210

[email protected]

Registered Address:
61c Ashley Drive South
Ashley Heath
BH24 2JP
United Kingdom.

Trusted by…

“Smarthub will be a really useful tool for the whole university to have a clear grasp of what we’ve actually got.

Siso’s support team is great, we’ve had really good conversations around how we can get single-sign-on, ways we can plan the roll out. There’s a real kind of open-door availability to contact them.

The team from siso seem very eager to take on suggestions and there is a listening ear to what customers want.”

Mark Ruff
Mark Ruff
Project manager, University of Kent.