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Nottingham Trent University

Client details


Higher Education


Nottingham, UK

The brief

Trent University has been expanding its science and research facilities and courses for several years, building new labs & purchasing millions of pounds of specialist equipment.

Finding a software solution to help them manage these new spaces and equipment was a high priority for the management team. Compliance was getting tougher; managing risk, equipment inventory, budgets, chemicals, and maintenance were currently done in separate manual processes and systems.

Our solution

Our product Smarthub, looked a good match in many areas, especially equipment and inventory management. We worked closely with Trent and came to see their labs and issues on site. Quickly developing small changes to the software to help meet their needs so they could use it straight away.

In May 2023, we will be launching the beta of ‘Smartlab’, a more customised version of Smarthub, that is based on suggestions from Trent and other universities science areas. One of the major improvements is the flexibility and customisation of Risk Assessment and CoSHH features. Allowing Trent to have the benefits of digitising their systems, using features like: audit trails, bespoke templates, approval processes, all of which makes it easier and quicker.

Product & features

With over 70 key features designed for asset management and integration with your work processes, Smarthub offers you a management system that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

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Equipment Calibration & Maintenance


Audits, Location & Status Tracking


Risk Assessment & CoSHH


Consumables & Hazards

What they said…

“We will be using Smarthub to update and optimize our asset management system and enable us to effectively track equipment when on loan to our students. It will also allow us to enhance our health and safety management system to reduce workload and ensure compliance with ISO14001 & COSHH regulations.”

Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick
Technical Specialist, Nottingham Trent University