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Bournemouth University

Smarthub is an online resource, facility and personnel management system which allows you to manage your resources easily and efficiently.

Client details


Higher Education




2000+ Users

The brief

Bournemouth University required a more efficient, less paper-based system which was struggling to handle the high volume of requests.

Our solution

We provided an online-based resource system which handles the provisioning of student requests in an automated manner, taking into account rules and permissions set by the university.

Over 4,000 assets and over 2,000 students using smarthub is a seamless solution which manages the entire lifecycle of the asset, from contract management to safety and everything in between and can be used for anything, anywhere.

Product & features

With over 70 key features designed for asset management and integration with your work processes, Smarthub offers you a management system that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

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Asset Management


Live, online, go any-where system


Room bookings and scheduling


Full maintenance suite

What they said…

“SiSo have been an excellent Company to work with, providing excellent no quibble support for the product. I would recommend giving this product serious consideration if looking for a web-based resource management solution.
The Media Support Group was tasked to source a web-based product to provide an asset management solution that incorporated resource allocation, resource booking, resource tracking and maintenance scheduling. There did not appear to be products readily available that coped with the scheduling complexities of media resources.”

Keith Heyward
Keith Heyward
Technical Support Group Manager, Bournemouth University