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Store Audits

Gain insights, learn new approaches and identify inefficiencies within your current system setup with our Store Audits.

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Purpose of the Audit

The purpose of a Store Audit is to aid your system setup in a number of areas, such as:

  1. Gaining further knowledge of best practice ideas & processes. For example: Use of RFID chips or QR matrix codes.
  2. Highlighting features that are available in our booking tools that can replace manual processes. For example: online integrated risk assessment forms and sign off.
  3. What types of management information should be easily available to them? Helping create business cases for additional equipment or resources.
  4. How new processes or system features can improve student experience. For example: Reducing queue times, use of social media communications.
  5. How optimum planning and store organization can lead to efficiency and less stress on technicians.

Areas Covered by the Audit

The audit covers the following eight key topic areas:

  • Stores Efficiency & Control
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Systems Scalability & Integration
  • Management Information
  • Room & Equipment Management
  • Store Resource Planning
  • System Functionality
  • Student Experience

How is the Audit Conducted?

Care should be taken when looking at individual scores to questions, ensuring the whole context is accounted for in the final report. For example: A score may be low on a particular question based on the current situation, but this may be known and there may be plans to change, or it has been decided to lower priority.

Each section has a scoring range that equates to:

    • Best in class approach
    • Good approach/process
    • Acceptable but could be improved
    • Negative impact

Our report is for guidance only and not a recommendation to follow specific courses of action without thoroughly evaluating internally and ensuring correct priorities are agreed upon.

We base our report and scoring on what we believe is the best practice through our experience of working within the sector and current systems and processes available.

The charge for the audit varies on a case by case basis. For more information and a free no-obligation quote submit a form by clicking here and select ‘Store Audit’ as the product you’re interested in. Alternatively you can also book a meeting with us today by clicking here.

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Smarthub’s ability to integrate with our timetabling system enables us to provide our students with easy access to check the availability of rooms and resources that are used to support academic delivery and independent study.

If a room or resource is booked for timetabled teaching it is automatically scheduled as unavailable on Smarthub and vice versa.”

Carl Bayliss
Carl Bayliss
Teaching Resources Manager, Norwich University of the Arts