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How we support you

Our operating model is simple, and being small, agile and friendly allows us to deliver outstanding results for you.

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What should you expect when you talk to us?

Understanding your needs

Our first conversations are about you. Current and future needs, objectives and timing requirements. We want to make sure that our product is right for you.

Supported onboarding

We understand that some have limited time to devote to setup. So we will assist in the transition process, helping you get started, liaising with your team, and ensuring you gain maximum benefits from your system.

No obligation, free product evaluation

Start with our trial system to evaluate if the system is able to solve your issues. We will help set up your main configuration controls, train a key user and help you load a sample of your data to perform an accurate test.

Live Product training

Face-to-face, bespoke training for your crucial admin users. Training is typically done via group video sessions but can be at your premises.

Integration expertise

If you decide to use our available third-party integrations one of our support team will help you through the entire process so you can get the data flow you need.

Ongoing friendly and responsive support

Dedicated account managers will be there to help you resolve issues and give advice to help you unlock our systems full potential and overcome any potential learning curves.

Real customer-facing staff

We don’t believe in outsourcing support, complicated phone menu systems and waiting for an answer.

Our aim is to provide swift responses and offer video chats or calls with our product specialists to ensure you get the best out of our services.

Customer service and quick answers to your issues are vital measures we are proud of and why we retain our customers for years. Our team has over 30 years of working at the ‘frontline’ and can give you sound, practical implementation advice.

Fast, customised & constant product improvements

We always speak to our client base, asking opinions, getting feature suggestions, and quickly spotting hidden trends and customer needs.

Using our established development methods we quickly design, build and incorporate new software features much faster than our competitors.

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Trusted by…

If we’ve got an issue, pick up the phone and somebody is there, helpful and willing to help and get things resolved. I would go as far as saying they go above and beyond that as well.

One of the pluses of Smarthub for us, is that lots of departments are managed by one system and so we can bring process change quickly to a lot of areas.”

Leon Telfer
Leon Telfer
Head of Business Services, University of the Arts London