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Optional Modules

Siso has been expanding it’s range of product solutions to help meet its customers problems. View our additional optional modules and add-on products below.

PC Booking

  • Ensures fairness of access to valuable IT resources
  • Delivers key information on utilisation of these expensive assets
  • Minimises spend and delivers it in the right locations, also ensures correct budget spend where real demand is, not just a department who says they need it
  • More cost effective than other competitor products as it is an ‘add on’ to your existing core smarthub system
  • Book PCs using our easy intuitive app on phone, tablet or PC.
  • 2D Floor Plans of rooms or departments, showing individual PC’s within a room and availability.
  • More accurate ways to search for the right PC with the right software.
  • Visibility & access of PCs based on smart business rules, ensuring access fairness.
  • Instant ‘scan to book’ using QR code.
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  • Optimize equipment handovers and student flow with an organised serving mechanism.
  • Improve the user experience with reduced waiting times.
  • Alleviate technician stress during peak hours.
  • Queue management information for more efficient planning and resourcing.
  • Our Queue Manager enables easy setup and implementation of a queueing system, making it hassle-free for managing busy periods.
  • Organise and serve users with ease using our embedded widget.
  • Reporting Tools to measure waiting times and analyse feedback, providing valuable insights to improve your store management.
  • A User-Friendly Mobile Interface providing users with a convenient and accessible way to join queues.
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Management Reporting

  • Gain deeper insights and make informed decisions by consolidating your data into a single, comprehensive view that covers all assets within your system.
  • Streamline your resources by identifying underused or overused assets and rooms.
  • Take control of your expenses with yearly breakdowns of equipment costs.
  • Optimize your booking system and eliminate bottlenecks by identifying inefficiencies and pressure points.
  • Templated reports and charts giving instant access to key information: Bookings, Cancellations, Assets.
  • Drill up/down on date ranges,  from days to semesters, to get the exact data you need.
  • Numerous filtering tools.
  • Minimal training requirements.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams.
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Trusted by…

“Smarthub provides a seamless payment integration and routing of funds to designated budget codes. It provides a live inventory of consumables, notifications when we need to reorder, and stock management tools allow staff to benefit from efficient administrative workflows.”

Thomas Gilley
Thomas Gilley
Head of Technical Resources Planning, University for the Creative Arts