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Smartpermit is our online parking permit management solution.

Developed after we found that organisations have trouble with many hardware-based solutions, such as barriers, ANPR and penalty fines, and found they did not solve some of the key issues related to the allocation of staff parking permits.

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Key Features

The platform addresses common issues by providing Universities and NHS parking management solutions with innovative software automation techniques, faster turnaround times and transparent review processes.

This increases staff satisfaction, reduces friction, and efficiently uses valuable administrative personnel resources.

Real time reporting

Smartpermit is a transparent input/output application that can show key attributes of your chosen application criteria, and data can be exported into Excel or PDF formats.

Automated workflows

Configure Smartpermit’s process with customised attributes ensuring all relevant applicant information is captured and scored objectively, streamlining the process and reducing application and permit allocation time.


Reduces admin workload, freeing time to focus on other areas, and includes system-based notifications and rules to ensure only valid personnel obtain permits.


Automated communications mean employees understand where they are in the application process and can raise objections quickly, reducing employee waiting time and stress.

Arbitration & penalties

Anonymous peer-led review panels can quickly process objections and appeals, and penalties can be applied if a parking offence occurs and can have a negative scoring impact on future permit applications.

If you are looking for effective University or NHS parking management solutions, get in touch with us today to see how Smartpermit can help you.

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Smarthub saves us a lot of time. students can book equipment and rooms remotely. I think the app implementation will be a big, big thing for us going forward speed of customer service – issues and stuff that we have are addressed and fixed very, very quickly.

Currently we use Smarthub at the school of Arts and creative industries, But we’re just about to branch out to work with our engineering departments who be using Smart Hub for asset management.”

Damian Looney
Damian Looney
Senior technician, London Southbank University