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Booking Rooms and Resources Together

How Room Booking Software Improves Access to Resources

Using our built-in integrations, our Smarthub and Smartlab platforms can communicate with numerous third-party software applications. One we are often asked to link to is timetabling.

There are many reasons you might want to put this in place, for many of our clients it is simply so users can do everything through one interface – whether that is signing up for workshops, doing training, booking equipment, or being able to quickly check room availability.

Also, notifications and alerts to keep users informed about upcoming bookings can all be in one place, rather than sent from different systems to get lost in an overcrowded email box.

The other reason is about analysing booking data. Now although timetabling may be able to provide this information, in terms of room usage and patterns, what it can’t do is show the other factors that can alter that information.

Equipment availability within the rooms may play a huge part in how and why they are booked, or the fact that the student hasn’t had training on a piece of equipment in that particular room, maybe the technical support is only available on certain days.

Here are some other reasons why a combined approach might be more beneficial:

Seamless Coordination

A unified software system enables better optimisation of resources and rooms simultaneously. This holistic approach ensures that both are utilised efficiently without conflicts.

Users can see the availability of resources and rooms in tandem, allowing for smarter decision-making in planning events or activities.

Reduced Conflicts and Overlaps

By managing resource bookings and room schedules together, the software can automatically detect and prevent conflicts or overlaps.

Users can avoid situations where a room is booked, but necessary resources are not available, or vice versa, leading to more streamlined and error-free planning.

Flexibility for Diverse Settings

This integrated approach can cater to a variety of varied settings within your institution and offers you direct control of the spaces that you manage outside of timetabled classes, leading to less demand on the timetabling team and often a quicker response time.

Whether you’re using the room booking features of Smarthub or Smartlab stand-alone, or you’re linking it with your time-tabling system. Smarthub can streamline your resource management processes, reduce conflicts, and enhance accessibility, leading to a better experience for everyone.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage equipment, rooms and personnel click here to explore our all in one equipment booking solution: Smarthub.

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