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Servicehub: London Calling

Learn about our recent visit to King’s College

Last week, our team embarked on an exciting journey to King’s College, the prestigious institution nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of London. Our mission? To introduce them to our latest tool suite – Service Hub.

Servicehub is our new team collaboration tool that provides better visibility to the various jobs and services that are taking place within your organisation. It enables teams to keep on top of their day-to-day tasks (For example: AV Teams, Film Crews, Maintenance staff).

Our new tools contain a suite of charts for viewing jobs, scheduling tasks and managing service requests.

In a world dominated by virtual meetings, there’s something special about stepping away from the screens for a moment and touring the real-life environments where our software will soon be making an impact. And let me tell you, King’s College London provided the perfect setting.

Sprawling campuses, bustling with activity, and technical teams navigating the intricate pathways of one of London’s most renowned educational centres. It was a brilliant experience for us all that shed light on the common challenges faced by large technical teams everywhere – from juggling schedules to ensuring seamless coordination – and walking, lots and lots of walking, these people get their daily steps in.

But amidst the challenges, there was a sense of excitement in the air. The response from the lovely and talented technicians at King’s College was overwhelmingly positive. They were eager to explore our new tools and discover how they could improve their workflows. We’re optimistic that the Smarthub development will not only benefit King’s College but also become an essential tool for institutions across the country.

So, what’s next? Keep an eye out for updates on the upcoming release of our latest version, and be sure to join us for the big launch event later this year. London awaits, and we can’t wait to share our excitement with you all.

One of the amazing views from the campus.

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