Used internationally by over 200 universities, Smarthub allows you to manage equipment, resources, facilities and personnel easily and efficiently.

Our powerful online system works 24x7 from any location, meaning users can plan lectures, activities and equipment collections in a socially distanced manner. 

some key features

equipment booking

Keep track of all your booking transactions with notifications and digital booking forms.

barcoding & tagging

Identify assets in seconds with Barcodes and NFC tags. Link to assets, rooms and users.


Room utilisation allows equipment to be added to room bookings & leave specific instructions for technicians.


There is a wide range of pre-configured reports incorporated within the system.

maintenance suite

Create schedules for equipment to minimise downtime and maximise the life of equipment.

asset management

Real-time information of your assets and stock levels and permissions to prevent misuse.

about us

We have over 20 years of experience developing software for higher education establishments. Smarthub has over 70 key features that can be incorporated to cover every scenario from simple asset register to complex integrations with timetabling, key lockers, COSHH and maintenance.


Being a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, you get the benefits of evolutionary software and version updates as part of our fees. This also means that you are up to date with best security practises and data back-ups with little or no IT support required.


Our UK team can provide comprehensive onboarding, training and data migration options so you quickly

get the maximum benefits for you and your students.

smarthub and covid-19

what our clients think about us


Nicole Wason

Senior Business Analyst,

Auckland University of Technology

“I highly recommend Smarthub, we use it for loaning equipment, for students and staff, for training and PAT testing.


Smarthub accurately records equipment usage helping create objective rationale for future equipment purchases. We are able to identify equipment that was not required reducing our cost base.

smarthub case studies

bournemouth uni.jpg


keith hayward

Bournemouth University