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Launch of New Smarthub Version 5.7

Our SaaS platform for the Higher and Further Education sector has a host of new features & improvements to existing processes. This new version of Smarthub – 5.7 will be rolled out to all our customers in 2021.

Key areas that we have improved include:

  • CELCAT Timetabling Synchronisation
  • MY Timetable Sync
  • Full Catalogue
  • Customised Risk Templates
  • CoSHH Forms & Controls
  • Android App for system administrators

As part of our continuous improvement, we are already planning our improvements for the release of 5.8 next spring. Thank you to our customers who have given input to the product with suggestions throughout 2020 and 2021.

Release Notes Please log in to our new knowledge hub to get more detailed information about all of the new features.

Book a demo

If you would like someone to explain some of these new features then please book a slot for one of our product account managers to help you.

Book your upgrade Use this link to book your upgrade to the new 5.7 version.