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Locations and Room Utilisation

Improve Your Room Organisation, Implement Floor Plans, and Ringfence Equipment

These two areas of the system are often overlooked, so it seemed like a good idea to explain why you might want to consider using them. When we are asked to demo the system, it is one of the main features that people ask about, and one that we are constantly refining and developing.

Both tools allow you to link equipment to a room, or a location, as the names suggest. These work in slightly different ways however. If you are using a Smarthub or Smartlab system, the knowledge base provides more detailed insights.

However, here we aim to highlight some potential scenarios for their application:

Photography Studio with Varied Layouts and Lighting Options:

  • Showcase different studio setups in advance.
  • Allow users to pre-book additional equipment available in the studio.

Science Lab with Numerous Workspaces and Specialised Equipment:

  • Visualise the lab layout and its specialised units.
  • Enable users to reserve multiple specific tools necessary to complete experiments.

Meeting Room with Diverse Table Options and AV Equipment:

  • Explore different room configurations, possibly requiring meet-and-greet services and catering.
  • Uncover possibilities you may not have considered for maximising room utility.

Reserved Access to Rooms or Spaces During Non-Class Hours:

  • Link with timetabling systems to enhance student experience by blocking unavailable times.
  • Make designated spaces easily accessible to students when not in use for scheduled classes.

Visual Floorplan for a Room, Floor, or Entire Building:

  • Provide an intuitive overview of room locations, equipment placement, and assets across different floors.

Resource Bookings Exclusive to Specific Rooms:

  • Configure the system to allow certain assets to be available only within specific rooms, preventing standalone bookings.

QR Code-Based Room or Equipment Booking:

  • Affix QR codes on room doors or near spaces for quick and easy bookings.
  • Access rules and regulations for the area by scanning the QR code.

Limiting Concurrent Use of Fixed Assets:

  • Implement controls to restrict the simultaneous use of fixed assets, ensuring safety and limited space considerations.

These are just some of the ways we have seen Locations and Room Utilisation put to good use.

If you have thought about possible new ways of using the system while reading this then please to get in touch and we can help you expand your usage.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage equipment, rooms and personnel click here to explore our all in one equipment booking solution: Smarthub.

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