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Technical Skills Knowledge Exchange Placement Programme

Gain skills, share best practices and network with fellow technicians

Established on 1 August 2023, The UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy is the UK’s advocate for the technical community.

Funded by Research England and home of the Technician Commitment, the Institute fosters integration, promotes international leadership and strengthens industry connections to ensure the long-term sustainability of technical skills and careers.

For the first time UK technical staff who want to expand their skills and knowledge in a specialist area through a placement, can now apply to the Technical Skills Knowledge Exchange Placement Programme.

Learn new specialist skills from leading experts, share and consolidate best practice across institutes, and network with fellow technicians.

Programme overview

Placements can take place at universities or research institutes within the UK, or internationally.

This opportunity allows individuals to learn from world-class research centres and technical experts from across the globe.


Placements are fully funded for UK technical professionals who successfully apply and meet the eligibility and selection criteria.

Who is the programme aimed at?

All UK technical professionals and research technical professionals (RTPs) who want the chance to gain relevant experience in a technical field of interest.

Technicians from creative arts and scientific disciplines are encouraged to apply.


Placements typically last between 1- 5 days and can extend over this time, if appropriate.

Benefits of a Technical Skills Knowledge Exchange Placement

  • Learn more about a novel research technique, a particular piece of specialist equipment and or a specialist technical skill to enhance your professional development.
  • Find out about best practice methods and ways of working from other technical colleagues.
  • Network with other technical professionals who work in a similar field to you.
  • Take world-class learning and expertise back to your own institution
  • Key dates and programme schedule

Key Dates and Programme Schedule

Application deadlineOutcome confirmed
1 March 2024w/c 28 March 2024
1 June 2024w/c 28 June 2024
31 October 2024w/c 28 November 2024
3 March 2025w/c 28 March 2025
2 June 2025w/c 30 June 2025
31 October 2025w/c 28 November 2025
2 March 2026w/c 30 March 2026

Ideally Technical professionals who know the institute they want to conduct their placement with.

Technical professionals who do not know the institute they want to conduct their placement with, but have identified a particular skill or piece of technology they are keen to experience. In this instance, we will work to place an applicant with an appropriate host institute.

Eligibility and selection criteria

Applications are assessed on an individual basis and will be reviewed by a panel of technical professionals across a wide range of disciplines.

Applicants must be technical professionals or RTPs in a UK university or higher education institute.

Placement must have vocational relevance.

Manager’s approval is required.

Learning outcomes and details of how the placement will support and develop the applicant must be made clear.


Apply for a placement here:

Line Manager Approval Form: