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Smartlab: Lab equipment management made simple

Transform how you track and manage chemicals in your laboratory

In the realm of laboratory management, the challenges faced aren’t the stuff of daytime radio or afternoon shows on Channel 5. They are, however, vitally important, as evidenced by recent conversations with various departments around the country.

For those not in the know, we’ve recently introduced a specialised variant of our established software, Smarthub, aptly named Smartlab.

As the name implies, this variant is tailored specifically for laboratory environments.

Over the years, science departments have frequently approached us with requests to enhance controls for chemicals and samples, prompting us to embark on the initial stages of development into these areas.

This article delves deep into the purpose of Smartlab, its features, challenges it addresses, and its prospective trajectory.

Understanding Smartlab

Despite this focus shift from Smarthub, Smartlab retains all the robust features we’ve honed over many years.

This includes user access controls, equipment tracking, reservations and scheduling, calendar integrations, pre-planned maintenance schedules, form building capabilities, risk assessment, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) considerations, and on-the-go management via mobile devices.

Over the coming years, however, Smartlab will evolve to be more intricately tuned to the unique needs of laboratory environments.

The Crucial Role of Chemical Tracking

In these early stages, our development efforts are centred around addressing the crucial issue of tracking chemicals.

This encompasses detailed information such as quantities, locations, expiration dates, and the indispensable safety data sheets (SDS).

It’s surprising to learn that numerous institutions still house chemicals dating back to the swinging sixties!

While this might be acceptable in certain cases, there are instances where it poses risks.

Addressing Chemical Storage Challenges

Another significant challenge we aim to tackle is the common occurrence of departments being unaware of the chemicals stored together or the contents of each cupboard.

The potential dangers arise from storing chemicals that shouldn’t be kept in close proximity.

This revelation was eye-opening, shedding light on the prevalent use of spreadsheets and random Word documents to manage this information, a less-than-ideal situation due to the frequent access by various personnel.

Smartlab’s Innovative Approach

Transforming Chemical Management

Smartlab revolutionises chemical management in laboratories. Track equipment and generate risk and CoSHH assessments for effective management of science departments.

Overcoming Spreadsheet and Document Limitations

Smartlab eliminates reliance on spreadsheets and loose documents, it offers a more robust, accessible, and secure method for managing laboratory inventories.

Enhancing Departmental Awareness and Safety

Smartlab not only provides a comprehensive inventory system but also promotes proper storage and handling of chemicals, thereby enhancing safety.

Beyond Chemicals – Sample Tracking

On the horizon, after addressing chemical tracking, our focus will shift to sample tracking. Consider the random tray in your fridge – odds are, there’s something there without an owner, lacking a label, appearing a bit mysterious.

Fear not; we’re diligently working on a solution to ease these uncertainties and streamline sample tracking for you.

Inviting Collaborations

If you find that these challenges resonate with your institution, we invite you to reach out.

We are always eager to gain insights into the many different organisational workflows and the specific data controls they might need.

This collaborative approach helps us tailor Smartlab to meet diverse organizational needs more effectively.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage chemicals, laboratories and personnel click here to explore our all in one asset management solution: Smartlab.

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