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10 Best Practices for a Successful Smarthub Setup

Make your system implementation stress-free

Inspired by one of our clients, this list is to do list if you are thinking of using our equipment and room management software at your institution. It’s based on our experience from the best roll outs of the system at different organisations.

1. Speak to your team

Listen to your staff and value their viewpoints. Nobody wants to be told that there is going to be a huge change to the way they work and you have purchased a system that they have never seen before.

Find out what the real issues are on the ground that need fixing or improving and make sure you bring this list with you to a demo to see if what you require is possible.

2. Have a plan

Make sure you know what your end goal is and how you are going to separate the workload between your staff. What do you want to achieve and how is it all going to get done?

3. Communicate with us

Keep us involved in the journey, let us know if you are falling behind or having issues, we can only help if we know what you are trying to do.

4. Allow enough time

Make sure your timeline is realistic. A new system rollout can require a huge amount of work initially, understand that some things cannot be rushed no matter how quickly you may need a solution.

5. Test and test again

Once you have got the system set-up and working you need to test your workflows from all the different perspectives. How easy is it to book as an end user?

If you are an administrator have you got all the controls you need? If you are linking to an external system is the feed of information working correctly.

6. Training

Make sure everybody is happy with how the system works and how they can change and monitor the things that they need to do on a daily basis. If people don’t understand a system, they won’t use it.

7. Support and document new procedures

Make sure you have documents and videos breaking down your new procedures for the different users of the system. Make these readily available and easy to access.

8. Monitor

As the system begins being used keep an eye on things that are working and things that aren’t.

Your ideas about how the system will work may change and develop over time, and things you thought had to work a certain way might actually be better tackled from a different angle once seen in practice.

9. Share system knowledge

Make sure that administration of the system isn’t only left to one person, and only they understand the inner workings of the day-to-day running.

We’ve seen too many situations where a system guru has left and nobody else is aware of how to manage things correctly.

Shared system knowledge makes using Smarthub much easier.

10. Celebrate

Finally appreciate everybody’s effort and commitment to making the system work. Take time out to congratulate your team and make them realise what you have achieved together.

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