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Tool Spotlight: Smartqueue

Transform handovers and ensure smooth operations during the busiest periods

I’m sure many of you have used a ticket system before, waiting for a counter at the post office or to see one of the specialists at the Apple Store, but maybe you haven’t thought about using one at your own institution.

The main reason you might want to do this initially is to stop build up at your service desk. If you have a huge amount of equipment to give out you don’t want people waiting round to be served at the same time creating a build-up, especially if your space is limited.

A queue system ensures that customers are served in the order they arrive, but also reduces congestion and wait times.

From a customer point of view, it’s great because you can see your position in the queue and have a clear estimate of when your turn will come.

Introducing Smartqueue

Our handy add-on product Smartqueue allows you to create and manage queues within your organisation and comes with a mobile interface for easy user access.

With our queue system as well as seeing your number on a phone, it’s also possible to set-up a tv screen or a tablet in a waiting room, coffee shop, or possibly in the library, so students can be comfortable while they wait to be called. This reduces stress and frustration but also creates a more positive impression of your establishment.

It means employees can focus on serving customers efficiently rather than trying to manage a possibly annoyed or angry queue manually. Which leads to a nicer work environment for everybody.

The other great reason for using one is for data collection.

You can track wait times, peak hours, busy days, service trends, and then use that data to help you manage staffing and optimise resource allocation. You can also track the questions that people are asking, which may allow you to add extra training sessions on how to use a particular piece of equipment.

These small improvements add up and lead to a better experience for everybody.

I think it’s time to break out a top 10 – everyone likes a list, right?



  1. Stop Long Waiting Times: Queuing systems significantly reduce waiting times for students, ensuring they spend less time waiting in line and more time accessing the services they need.



  1. Queue Congestion: Without a queuing system, queues can become congested, making it difficult for staff to manage and for students to navigate. A queuing system helps alleviate congestion.


  1. Service Inefficiency: Queuing systems streamline service delivery, making it more efficient. This reduces the risk of inefficiencies and bottlenecks in providing services to students.



  1. Unclear Queue Management: Manual queue management can lead to confusion and disputes over who is next in line. A queuing system provides clear and fair queue management.


  1. Resource Allocation: Educational institutions often have limited resources, such as staff or service points. Queuing systems help allocate these resources effectively based on demand and queue data.



  1. Student Frustration: Long wait times and unclear queue management can lead to student frustration and dissatisfaction. A queuing system enhances the overall student experience.


  1. Accessibility Issues: Students with disabilities or special needs may face challenges in traditional queuing systems. A queuing system can offer priority service and better accessibility options.



  1. Lack of Communication: Manual queues often lack effective communication with waiting students. Queuing systems can send notifications and updates to students, keeping them informed.


  1. Data Collection: Queuing systems collect data on queue lengths, wait times, and service trends. This data is valuable for decision-making and process improvements.



  1. Social Distancing and Safety: In situations like a pandemic, queuing systems can help manage physical distancing requirements, ensuring the safety of students and staff.


If you interested dramatically improving your store efficiency then get in touch with us about Smartqueue. To arrange a demo or to look at integrating Smartqueue into your system please get in touch via our support portal or email us at: [email protected]