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Reducing Waste with the UniGreenScheme

University Equipment Resale Made Simple

When you go to various events around the country, as we do – sometimes good, sometimes not so good, we won’t elaborate, ask us in private – you come across many interesting people and companies that you weren’t aware of and that are often doing really interesting things.

As we deal with numerous universities equipment booking needs around the country, one of the things that has come to light is the amount of equipment that is left dormant gathering dust, alone and cold in a cupboard, never to be touched again. Maybe it’s been forgotten about, maybe it’s been superseded, maybe it just looked at Steve the technician funny and it was done for.

Now what UniGreenScheme do is take all that unloved and discarded equipment and give it to other people and institutions that it can really help. They collect it, they store it, they arrange the sale of it, they share the revenue with you, and then give you a report with a range of environmental metrics to show you carbon emission savings among other things.

They are only a small team of lovely people, with a very simple mission to help universities reduce waste and consume resources sustainably. And if that isn’t something to shout about then I don’t know what is.

We are looking at working with them hopefully in the future to enable the simple sale of old equipment from your Smarthub or Smartlab equipment booking site. We think this would make the process even easier. What do you think? Let us know.

All the information about UniGreenScheme and the equipment they can take off your hands can be found on their website, along with a range of equipment they currently have for sale.

Or you can find them on social media:

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