key features

Integrated reporting suite provides accurate live management information. Smart automated workflows and notifications makes your operations easier to manage.

equipment bookings

Our powerful online system works 24x7 from any location and means users can plan equipment collections in a socially distanced manner.

Rules & permissions means only the people who you allow get access. Specified training or risk assessments can be required before being able to collect. All configurable by you at an asset, family or group level.

Film Equipment

asset management/auditing

Catalogue your capital assets in a flexible format, creating unlimited asset entries with full specification and technical details.


Review stock levels for your organisation, in an easy to find centralised place.


Forecast budgets using capital asset replacement planning. Find out what condition the assets are in and the financial implications involved to reduce unnecessary purchasing and save budgets.


Smarthub's timetabling utility is designed as a lightweight, easy to use timetabling tool that seamlessly integrates into resource booking.


It can be used to integrate with existing timetabling systems via our API so that student bookings of equipment and spaces can be synchronised with your existing academic timetabling solution. The Timetabling Utility is currently in Beta testing with selected clients.

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support centre

Siso has created a comprehensive knowledge hub for our clients where they can access: Articles on system features, top tips, best practice using case study examples and training videos.

You are able to raise support tickets and track their progress from our portal. All Siso policies are viewable to ensure you understand our latest position on data, security and other topics regarding our service to you.


tariffs and fines

The platform can allocate tariffs for lending of individual assets and we can connect to various payment gateways to collect monies due.

Fines can also be allocated based upon rules that you set for individual assets or users. These can either use a token based or monetary system.



The system can be used for tracking the use of consumables, reducing the stock levels as they are used and notifying personnel of a reorder situation.

The consumables feature is highly flexible with either: no values, token values or monetary amounts assigned if required. We can connect to third-party payment gateways.


COSHH was introduced to control the exposure of employees to hazardous substances. Smarthub allows COSHH assessment to record the hazards and risks from substances in a workplace such as:

  • Where is there potential for exposure to substances that might be hazardous to health?

  • In what way are the substances harmful to health?

  • What jobs or tasks lead to exposure?

  • Are there any areas of concern?


risk assessments

There is an integrated module enabling risk assessment forms to be quickly produced, linked to bookings and approved by lecturers.

Evaluate groups at risk, upload documents and manually input or choose risks from a default list.

Forms can be customised and configured to suit your specific needs.


maintenance tools

Logging the maintenance of equipment is easy. Powerful management reporting shows response times and KPI's, aiding productivity and turnaround of equipment in busy environments.

The module covers ad hoc breakdowns and can schedule planned maintenance jobs. Documents, PAT testing and calibration results can be stored along with technician notes, parts and costings.



Smarthub has an integrated communications module. 


Booking and other notifications are automated and sent in a variety of different formats including email, SMS and calendar events.


It is simple to configure individual message content and control when notifications are sent.


barcoding and tagging

Smarthub has been designed to work effectively with 3rd party barcode scanning devices, smart card readers and RFID technology.

Smarthub includes all the facilities necessary to produce and print barcode labels.

Our mobile app simplifies and speeds up the auditing process.


secure payment systems

Smarthub allows payments for lending, non-collection, late return, damage charges and consumables.

Credits can be utilised and you can set up tokens to be used against assets on the system.

Smarthub can connect to your payment gateway including PayPal, Worldpay and many more.

information management

Connect to our RESTful API to integrate with your in-house systems.

Bespoke reports can be automatically generated and emailed upon request. Every grid in Smarthub has the facility to filter and export data to either Excel or CSV.



Smarthub connects to a variety of devices.

Popular equipment includes:

  • Tablets to digitally display and sign booking forms.

  • Webcams to take photos of equipment and users.

  • Mobile barcode scanners.

  • Printers for self-adhesive barcode labels.

  • Label printers for maintenance labelling.


room bookings

The room utilisation tool allows you to attach equipment to your room booking, assign technicians, leave specific instructions for staff and even order catering.


Select a room layout, specifying the number of assets such as tables and seats required and facilities.


Fixed assets can be assigned to a room to allow better utilisation whilst enabling accountability, minimising room downtime and maximising availability.

Engineering Class
At the Office

staff utilisation

Smarthub has the ability to combine staff, asset bookings, room bookings, events and maintenance jobs so that staff and resources work efficiently and effortlessly together.

Managers can schedule staff, so they will be in place and can respond quickly to issues during important events. Workshops can be scheduled with the tutor in mind so that equipment and rooms can be booked in advance and all can be edited and viewed in one place.

training tools

The system holds training records against users and the equipment they are trained to use. Email and SMS notifications remind users of training renewals.

Users can train themselves using our interactive auto-training facility before they can make a booking (this can be very useful for inductions).

Advertise your training workshops; users can sign up for these events with a simple click.

Visual Project


Projects can be created for event-based activities.


Equipment can be made exclusive for students attending specific course modules and units, securing resource availability.


You can set the parameters for when and what is to be used and by which personnel.


portable appliance testing

Assets due for testing can be quickly identified with Job costing, invoicing and electronic certificates generated for professional presentation to your clients.


Insurance companies may refuse to provide cover or pay a claim for damage caused by an untested appliance.


You can Import PAT test data from various testing devices directly into Smarthub’s PAT suite