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Category: Integration

Siso News Update: 07/05/2024

Version 6.0 is round the corner Our new version 6.0 release of Smarthub is coming out this month! In this upcoming release, we're introducing a brand-new feature called the Servicehub. This comprehensive tool serves as a central management platform, empowering administrators to efficiently assign tasks

Integrating Equipment Booking Software with Other Systems

Meet your organisational needs, all in one place Combining equipment booking software with various systems within your organisation can significantly enrich the overall user experience, positively impacting their academic journey and interaction with campus resources. Imagine a scenario where a user needs to reserve a

Choosing the Right Timetabling Software

Looking to change your timetabling system? When choosing the right timetabling software for educational institutions, administrators must consider various factors to ensure that the selected solution meets their unique requirements. In this article, we'll be focusing on four leading timetabling software options and how they

Timetabling – Smarthub link to CELCAT

Link your room and workshop bookings with your central timetabling software and never double book a room again. We now have full integration with the CelCat Web API. This means any timetabled events on CelCat will be imported directly into Smarthub preventing any related rooms

Being more efficient using barcodes

Smarthub is a powerful tool for inventory management that can be made even more simple and effective with the use of barcoding for your assets. In our series of articles on barcoding available from the ‘Assets’ section of the new Smarthub Knowledge Hub (or just