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Helping Universities manage assets, rooms & resources effectively, using Live Dashboards

Siso software has now added a Microsoft Power BI feature option to its Smarthub equipment and asset management platform.

We have created a series of dashboards allowing clients to view and interrogate information about assets and rooms with interactive charts. Initial views from universities that have had the pilot software are that it will give significant benefits in helping:

  • Identify booking patterns and trends to ensure staff resource planning and student satisfaction
  • Understanding equipment and room utilisation – enabling the right equipment purchased and the correct volumes
  • Seeing problem courses & students regarding late returns, cancellations and damage
  • Maintenance and repair costs & trends over time
  • Replacement and depreciation cycles – enabling more accurate future budgets

Data can be filtered to provide information at University, Course, Store, or Asset level. We can customise the reports and also import additional data you may wish to cross-reference or visualise. For example: Student Attendance data.

To get more information about how Smarthub and the Power BI module can help you, please: