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Introducing Siso Webinars

Our new Siso Webinars offer a chance to learn in-depth about our new system features

Over the last two years, Siso Software has been upgrading our core Smarthub product and increasing the number of optional modules that can be used with the platform to enhance its functionality. We have also introduced a new product: Smartlab, which has been customised for engineering and science departments.

We provide the most flexible and feature-rich product for higher education resources and room management. However, a large proportion of customers use less than 50% of the core features, which after conducting some research, is mainly due to a lack of understanding and training. We have therefore started a series of webinar-based workshop sessions to allow customers to join in small groups and have an expert session on key features.

Our first webinars were held last week to highlight the new custom form builder, allowing customers to design and customise Risk assessments and CoSHH forms to work in the precise way a university needs for different scenarios. We will shortly release a timetable for the next set of webinars for customers to subscribe to, next topics to be covered include:

  • Management dashboards using Power BI
  • How to get the most out of the training features
  • Using the Import wizard to load additional asset data

We have also added a download page to our Siso website that contains useful one-page summaries of benefits and features of system areas.