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Help us make your job easier – Service Hub

Get involved in the development of our new management tool suite.

Our two product specialists, Simon & Chris, have wide experience working as lecturers and technicians for over twenty years.

“I know from experience that the amount and type of work university technicians do often go unnoticed; they’re a little bit unappreciated,” reflects Chris.

“Many lecturers see them as the person who passes them the camera or sets up a room. They often will underestimate the complexities of managing equipment and rooms. For instance, some of these projects or bookings can have over 250 pieces of equipment, have external suppliers, set up tasks for the space or room and have lighting and filming equipment booked. On top of that, all of the equipment has to be maintained, repaired and checked.”

To simplify this area of work, we are developing an exciting new tool to help assist in the day to day management of staff workloads.

We are currently finishing our designs and feature plans for launch in 2024. Our new processes mean we will use online workshops and meetings to give our clients an early preview, give us feedback, and ultimately improve the product.

Look out for information on dates to find out more, take part and help us improve the product for you.