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Improved Smarthub Version & New Product – Smartlab

Summer 23 version of Smarthub available now along with New Product – Smartlab

Last week saw the launch of the Summer ’23 version of Siso’s Smarthub equipment management, resource and room booking platform. Smarthub is a specialist solution helping hundreds of university departments organise and manage complex and diverse processes and needs.

Improved Features in Smarthub

The latest version has several improvements aimed at increasing ease of use and giving more flexibility in how universities can customise features to their operational needs.  The student mobile app lets them easily find and book the right equipment or rooms for their learning and projects. Students can use QR codes outside rooms or placed on equipment to instantly scan, check availability and book.

The new ‘custom form builder’ gives technicians, academics and students more flexibility for digital Risk Assessments and CoSHH, saving time, reducing risk and delivering better audit & tracking tools. It allows the creation of different templates with unique questions, sections and approval processes for different situations. We have delivered several online workshops to our current customers, who have given positive feedback, saying it will make the process easier for technicians and students.

A new ‘drag & Drop’ technician dashboard has been created as the first phase of our eventual ‘Technician Hub’ being launched in early 2024. This new feature allows you to create a more personalised dashboard view of key information for your day-to-day work.

For more information about features and benefits, we have created a new section of downloads on the Siso website. The download content will be increased over the next few weeks to cover our increasingly wide range of product modules and features.

Smartlab – New Product for Engineering, Medical & Science

Bernie Jendrzewski, Owner and Managing Director of Siso, said, “We have launched a new product, Smartlab, aimed at science & engineering based areas.  Customers will get all of the benefits and features of Smarthub, but it also has specific customisation and pricing structure more suited to science areas.”

Smartlab is being launched initially as a beta version to specific customers to allow us to get rapid feedback and create better and new features in a fast timescale. As part of our ISO9001 process, we have introduced new techniques and tools, such as Figma, enabling us to develop the software faster and with increased customer feedback.