Smartconnect uses our enterprise level proven platform to offer real-time customer booking for automotive manufactures or retailers. Our platform is pre-configured, allowing rapid set up with full support for dealer-network training and delivery.

Create a simplified customer journey and increase your sales team efficiency. Make appointments when you and the customer want them, by the communication channel they need.

test drive

Over 70% of customers require a test drive before purchase but more than 90% of vehicle brands currently do not allow real-time booking of vehicles.

Smartconnect changes this, allowing customers real-time booking across dealerships, filtering the car they want to test drive on multiple preferences and showing network and local availability.

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test drive features

vehicle attribute search

Simple or advance vehicle search, with multi-select capability of key vehicle attributes.

Intelligent, dynamic filtering , ensuring customers have the best chance of getting an experience of a vehicle matching their need.


Retailer suite to configure and manage test drive rules and business logic and optimise staff activities.

Ensuring best use of vehicle and personnel resources, giving customers the best choice.

effective utilisation

Ensures Retailers can optimise staffing at times when people want to test drives.

Brands can reduce overall vehicle stock and get better coverage of different vehicle specifications to widen customer choice.

real-time booking

Easily view real-time availability taking into account vehicles, resources and drive times to ensure readiness.

Give customers the assurance that they have the right  car on the date/time they request.

location preferences

Customers can search national, regional or local levels and choose preferred retailers.

Results give customers choice and visibility of different vehicle  and retailer matches.

information management

Full dashboards and reporting to optimise fleets of vehicles  and resources.

Sales analysis to understand high and low performers and future opportunities.

sales appointments

Since Covid the expectation has grown for customers to transact and engage with retailers through a digital platform. Smartconnect provides a flexible and complete solution tailored specifically to meet this demand.


sales appointments features

communication options

Customers can choose the most appropriate methods that suits their enquiry and lifestyle.

Through our portal retailers can decide the communication channels and durations the provide.

contact centre

The platform can be accessed 24x7 and can be used by retailers or contact centre personnel.

This gives a brand and retailer the flexibility to divert enquiries by type, channel and time to contact centre support teams.

retailer efficiency

Confirmed appointments minimises wasted retailer time, chasing customers by arranging mutually convenient times.

Retailers can view customer demands in advance and can allocate resources accordingly.


higher conversion

Customer positive engagements increase when they have the flexibly to choose the time and method creating a customer lead secured booking.

Allocate the correct sales person based upon the enquiry type improves conversion rates.

flexible durations

Retailers can set default min/max time frames for different enquiry types and communication methods.

Customers can alter durations to suit their circumstances and have full visibility of a retailer's calendar.


Retailers and brands can view, analyse and download live information. View customer trends and preferences including preferred communication styles.

Analyse the performance of induvial retailers or personnel, through system data

smartconnect case studies



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