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Siso Sponsor the IST Conference 2023

Managing Technical Teams in Academic Settings

On September 13th, the Institute for Science and Technology (IST) hosted a superb Technical Conference at London South Bank University (LSBU). This event provided a unique platform to celebrate achievements and share insights across various sectors. As proud sponsors, we were excited to support an organisation that has now been around 75 years!

Throughout the conference, we had the pleasure of engaging with a diverse group of attendees. Some were already using SmartHub in their workplaces and expressed their satisfaction with our services. However, what truly caught their attention was the untapped potential of the software, leaving many to remark, “We’ve only scratched the surface of what this service can do.”

In our afternoon presentation we talked about Managing Technical Teams in Academic Settings, Chris Williams, our Customer Relationship Manager, and Steve Oates, our Technical Manager & Lead Developer, showcased our new development, Tech Hub. The tool is intended to simplify the daily operations of technical teams, making them more cost-effective and less stressful for team members. With features like seamless communication, dynamic real-time calendars, and multiple collaborative tools, it is designed to make the day-to-day tasks of technical life easier to track.

The IST Technical Conference was a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. We are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor such an inspiring event and to share how SmartHub is transforming workplaces across various sectors.