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New Development on track for Spring 2024 Release

Service Hub – Our new management tool with Kings College London

Kings College London (KCL) contacted us last year with concerns about managing their technicians’ workloads and the lack of visibility into their activities. They sought a more efficient way to allocate tasks and keep track of the many small jobs done during the day.

In response, we collaborated with KCL and are now deep into development on Service Hub, a dedicated hub for task management. Service Hub is a comprehensive system designed to improve visibility, management, and support for organisation staff.

It centralises tools and streamlines project coordination, ensuring compliance with safety standards, and tracking training requirements. it also provides an inclusive communication channel, with scheduling capabilities, and real-time task allocation for the technical manager.

Users can access Service Hub through an app or web version of Smarthub, featuring a detailed calendar, integrated chat, and API connectivity.

If you think that Service Hub may be of use to your institution then please contact us at [email protected].