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IST Technician Event London – Sustainability

IST Technician Event London – The Institute of Science & Technology is 75 years old!

Siso is proud to be asked to speak at the Annual IST conference in October on  Sustainability.

The IST is the professional body for specialist, technical and managerial staff. Whilst we have been serving our members for 75 years, we aim to continually move forward and expand our horizons so that we can be in the best position to support our members and the wider technical community within the ever-changing and challenging 21st century.

Siso & Sustainability

Over the last 18 months, Siso has attended several conferences around sustainability, and after getting a greater understanding of the issues, we put together a strategic plan for our own business; this has led to getting ISO14001 in Spring 2023.

More importantly, we reviewed how we can help our clients manage their operational practices and provide better management information to support future activities. There is now a range of tools built into our software products: Smarthub and Smartlab, that will help our clients in their Sustainability goals.

How our software helps Technicians and Universities

Our software Smartlab and Smarthub is used in over 300 Higher Education establishments and has a range of features that can help in areas of:

  • Asset Inventory Management – Correct utilisation vs amounts
  • Equipment Disposal – WEEE
  • Supplier Choice – End of Life – Warranty – Maintenance – Repair
  • Ensuring optimum equipment life
  • Space Utilisation
  • Equipment Efficiency Use – Visibility across University Faculties

Simon Fretwell, Director at Siso Software, commented, “We are also developing a new product called ‘Technician Hub’. This is aimed at giving technicians a set of tools to manage many of the day-to-day activities of technicians. As part of the software features, we are looking at making the system automatically log evidence of skills, work and training that individual Technicians have completed and tying it back to the Technician Commitment.”